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At Pegasus we mean what we say and deliver on our promises. Your selected team of Disability Support Workers will receive personalised training about you to ensure we provide the supports you want, in the way you want them to be delivered. You will have a dedicated Team Leader, available to you, your family and stakeholders, to make sure the services we are providing are working for you.

Your lifestyle and life choices are our priority. We won’t ask you to fit into a fixed model of care. We will ask you what services and supports you want, when you want them, and then build a model around you and your funding. We specialise in supporting people living with complex and high needs to live independently. We support people living with significant mental health conditions, psychosocial disabilities, autism, complex trauma, and complex behavioural needs. Whatever your situation, our team is committed to working with you to find the right supports.

We have personalised our referral and intake process to ensure that we find the right team of support workers and the right property for you. No long forms. You get to choose how we communicate with you. Your first contact can be directly with our Intake and Accommodations Manager, or you can check out more about our services on our website and request more information via email. We ensure you are kept up to date with every step of the process. We take the time to assess every referral on an independent basis. The length of our transition period depends on the complexity of your needs, the staff matching process and availability of suitable properties. From referral, we aim to have everyone in their new home within 6 weeks.

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We understand how important it is to communicate regularly with families. We are happy to organize regular phone calls, email updates, video calls and face to face meetings to ensure families maintain their place in your personal support network. We love families to be involved in the training of our teams. Who better to help us understand you and your needs than the people who know and love you the most.

‘I'm nice and happy with the people around me’ – Michael

Pegasus Logo

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